Mélanie Rodrigues

Greetings, Earth!

My name is Mélanie and I come in peace.

(I am also a Developer)


The magnificent

Blue Stopwatch

This is a Stopwatch. But is it just a stopwatch? Yes.
This was my first project, where I wanted to show my technical knowledge and my creativity.


The tasty

Yellow Calculator

Another Calculator. But this one is special to me!
I replicated this calculator from one that I had as a kid.
M&Ms Calculator (1993).

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The oh-so-awesome

PinyPong Game

Multi Version Pong game. I added 3 differents modes to this classic game: PinyPong, the cute version, Pong, the Arcade Machine version, and Psychopong, the weird version.

About me

I started my journey in development in 2020, having stumbled on HTML and CSS when I was learning about UI / UX Design. Coming from a design background, I fell in love with Front-End development. I took several online courses to learn HTML,CSS and JavaScript, and focused also on frameworks (React, Vue and Angular).

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